Where We've Been

Dawn Kreizer-Drozjock, mother of three beautiful children, once a former casting director in film and television,
headed sales and marketing for a financial information company, and a self-proclaimed writer. Tammi Borchard,
formerly a successful bond broker in the financial industry, headed operations for a financial information firm,
also with three great kids; two women who felt that they had basically become shells of their former selves.

It all started one day... no really... one day they were on their cell phones probably for the 8th time that day,
sitting in their cars at each of their children’s schools for pick up. As usual they were complaining, ... Dawn complaining
to Tammi, that although she loved her husband and kids dearly, “there just had to be more.” There had to be more
to life then just, cooking, cleaning, shopping and being her kid’s personal chauffeur.... But what?
She still wanted and needed to be around for her young family.

Tammi complained of what a wreck she had become. She had put on at least 20 lbs. with her pregnancies,
and was still struggling to fight it off five years later. She hated getting dressed in the morning,
because nothing looked good on her anymore.

Both admitted to not remembering the last time they washed their hair or put makeup on. Before they had kids,
they never understood why women with children walked around in workout clothes all day.
They vowed that they would never become the mom in the tracksuit!

Yet, here they both were, 3:00 in the afternoon, wearing faded old sweat pants, slept in,
but never worked out in, each feeling the exact same way...
What The #?%! Happened To Me?

As they looked around the schoolyards at all of the other, once accomplished, once successful women,
who too, were just a mess, they had an “AAHAA!!!” moment.

“What if there was a clothing line for women like us? Women who are tired of the same old yoga pants,
yet still want to be comfortable and look cool and stylish at the same time? A line for women on the go,
who want to look great, but just don’t have the time or style know how to put it all together? “

And so, , was born.

Although never formerly trained in design or fashion, they had once prided themselves on being “fashionistas.”
Life was much different now, but they felt that they really knew what women wanted and needed in their wardrobes.

Luckily, they had some great friends in the fashion industry to help guide them. They spent over 3 years
designing and developing just the right styles, fabrics and materials, to bring you
this chic, unique line of basics with style.

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