Fabric and Colors Available

Why Yamisdy™ and Yamisdy Lite™?

has set out to do what no other design company has done before, creating fabrics and designs that truly bridge the gap between athletic and ready to wear.

The company has specially developed a proprietary blend of distinctive fibers creating two new fabrics, Yamisdy™ and Yamisdy Lite™.

- Yamisdy™ has a lush feel, with great coverage and a high stretch and recovery capability to hug your body in all the right places; an unheard of quality in a typical jersey knit.

- Yamisdy Lite™ is just as fabulous as it’s big sister, but is saved for our designs that need to drape and have a bit more fluidity.

- Yamisdy™ and Yamisdy Lite™ are knit in such a way that allows for maximum comfort, movement and flexibility, as well as an unbelievably soft to the touch feel.

-Both signature fabric blends resist wrinkles and color fading, and are easily cared for by washing on cold with like colors and fabrics, low or cool tumble dry or flat drying.

- Yamisdy™ and Yamisdy Lite™ are breathable, dissipate heat, and have incredible absorbent properties, making the collection perfect for any time of year.

Although not specifically created as an athletic line, The collection was designed to go from work, to play …and anywhere in between.

Available in the following colors: